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Dear Cuba City Elementary School Family Members!

On behalf of the students, faculty, and staff of Cuba City Elementary School; welcome and thank you for visiting our school’s website.  Our site is designed to be a resource for our students, parents, and community members and those visiting us for the first time, to be informed and connected to our school. My name is Brad Lutes and I am the new Cuba City Elementary School principal. I am beyond excited to join the Cuba City staff as well as the Cuba City school community. The kindness and compassion displayed by all the district communities are amazing. We all want to extend a warm welcome to all families of Cuba City Elementary.

In addition to our focus on the highest academic and social behavior standards, we are also very committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment for your children at CCES. Our highly dedicated staff is committed to meeting the individual needs of all the students. In order for us to do that, we encourage you to be an active participant in the education of your child. We invite and encourage students and parents to work with us to help create a positive and productive environment for our children. 

In our efforts to support communication, we offer weekly e-mail communication in addition to other notifications to keep you informed at all times. We hope that you will find those communications, our website, and your personal school interactions helpful as we work to provide the best learning environment for the children of our entire school community. As always, please contact me if I can assist in any way in making Cuba City Elementary School the best place that it can be. You can contact me at any time by calling the school office or email me at

Brad Lutes, Principal

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