We are happy to share with you that the voters served by the Cuba City School District approved both of the district's referendum questions on the Nov. 8 ballot. Preliminary unofficial results for question 1 were 1266 Yes to 979 No, and 1294 Yes to 851 No for question 2. "On behalf of the staff here at the Cuba City School District, we thank the community for their support of these projects. This is step one; the next step is to work with our architects and contractors to deliver on the proposed projects," said Aaron Olson, the Cuba City School District superintendent. 

The approval of question 1 will allow the district to invest up to $26,850,000 to address infrastructure, academics, and arts and athletics needs.

The approval of question 2 will allow the district an annual operating referendum of $200,000 for the maintenance and operations of the schools and added space from question 1.

The successful referendum follows three years of facilities planning, including a facilities assessment, a community survey, and numerous community engagement sessions. 

The Cuba City School District staff, administration, and School Board shared their sincere appreciation with the community for their support. The district noted this referendum will significantly impact its ability to maintain quality educational programs, services, and opportunities for students – and the community – for years to come. 

“My heartfelt thanks go out to our community for supporting the plan to improve Cuba City Elementary and High School. Thank you for the best investment one can make in the education of kids. Our kids are smiling as they will have opportunities to experience arts, agriculture, technology, and athletics in modern facilities. I sincerely thank my fellow school board members, Mr. Olson, and the community members who gave of their time to aid us in selecting and prioritizing the projects sent to the referendum,” said Gary Andrews, president of the Cuba City School Board. 

Design of the approved referendum work will begin immediately. The preliminary schedule calls for the improvements to start in the winter or spring of 2024. 

The district added that they will continue to engage and inform the community throughout the next steps of the process. Community members are encouraged to continue to visit the district's website at for updates. Questions can be emailed to or directed to the district office at 608.744.2847.


 "What is the Tax Impact of the November 2022 Referendum?" With Lisa Voisen, from Robert W. Baird